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3.3 hectare of Beautiful Japanese Garden

Yoshiike Ryokan has more than 3 hectare of a huge Japanese garden. You can enjoy the spectacular of seasonal flowers, plants, and beautiful stream coming from Sukumo river. The location of our Ryokan is the place where the second generation of Mitsubishi financial clique (Yanosuke Iwasaki) had a villa once. There was a vast Japanese garden from that time. In this garden, you will also find a villa which used to be owed by Yanosuke Iwasaki. Also there is Japanese tea ceremony room Shinkou-An which has been inherited from 16th Tokugawa Shogun Family. Those villa and tea ceremony room is registered as the important cultural properties of Japan. Furthermore, our Japanese garden is using the principle of borrowed scenery. Incorporating background landscape of mountains into the composition of our garden. There are more than 1000 carps in the pond. The garden is kept clean and nice by the gardener. Please have a nice walk in the beautiful garden and feel the seasonal beauty.

Feeling the Seasonal Beauty of Japanese Nature


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Historical Photos of the Garden