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Aproveite o banho privado Onsen grátis!

Temos 2 tipos de banhos de banhos de água quente privados em nossa propriedade. Todos os hóspedes podem aproveitá-los gratuitamente! Aproveite o tempo privado com seus amigos ou familiares.

Horas | 14:00 ~ (manhã seguinte) 9:45 AM


  • Please check the light at the entrance of private baths.
  • If the light is turned off, you can use the bath.
  • After you enter the bath, please lock the door from inside. Then the light at the entrance will be on as ?Occupied.?
  • We do not accept reservations for private baths. Please use them whenever those are vacant.
  • We have not set the time limit for the private bath. However, we kindly ask guests to respect other guests who would like to use them.