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About Booking

Q. What kinds of stay plan do you have? 
A. We have Dinner + breakfast included plan, and Room only plan. For Dinner + breakfast included plan, you will be served Japanese-style dinner and breakfast.

Q. Can I choose where to eat meals? 
A. We are sorry to say, but you cannot choose the place to have meals.

Q. Can I book non-smoking rooms? 
A. All western-style twin rooms are non-smoking, However, we do not have any non-smoking Japanese-style room. We can deodorize those smoking rooms as per your request. Please request us in advance, if you would like us to deodorize the room.

Q. What kinds of bedding type, do you provide?
A. For Japanese-style rooms, we provide Japanese FUTON bedding on the tatami floor. For western-style rooms, you will find western-style single beds. (You cannot lay out a futon in western-style rooms)

<<About Child Policy>>

Q. How can I book a room, if I will stay with my kids? 
A. Basically, please include them in the guest count as an adult when you book the room, if your child is over 4 years old.

Q. How can I book a room, if I will stay with my child who is 3 years old and under?
A. If your child would like to have dinner and breakfast, please include them in the guest count as an adult. 
A. Please contact us via email in advance for those 2 cases below.
1. a 0 to 3 years old child without meals and using an existing bed will be charged a facility usage charge as 3000 JPY (excluding tax) / per child
2. a 0 to 3 years old child without meals and using an extra bed (Extra bed is available only for Japanese-style room, and it will be Futon bedding) will be charged a facility usage charge as 3000 JPY (excluding tax) / per child + a charge for an extra futon as 3000 JPY (excluding tax) / per extra bed.
*Please make a payment on the spot.

Q. What kinds of kid?s meal will you serve? 
A. Basically, we will serve Japanese-style dishes for both adult and child guests. However, if you request us in advance, we can serve ?Kids meal? for dinner. For breakfast, we serve only Japanese-style meal.

About Your Stay

Q. Do you provide us a shuttle service?
A. We regret to inform you that we do not provide a shuttle service. A 6-minute walk away from the closest station Hakone-Yumoto. Or there is a Kumiai bus from Hakone Yumoto station (100 JPY per person ). Please take A course bus to get to here (there are three routes as A, B, and C). Kumiai bus is a bus going around hotels and inns nearby. The last bus leaves at 18:45.

Q. What time is check-in and check-out? 
A. Check-in 14:00 – 18:00 Check-out until 10:00

Q. Can you store my luggage before check-in? 
A. Yes, we can store your luggage except your valuables.

Q. Until when should I get to the hotel to have dinner? 
A. The latest starting time for dinner is 19:30. If you book the meal inclusive plan, please get to our property by this time. Guests who will get to the property after this time may not be served dinner, and no refund will be given.

Q. I am going to stay at your hotel with my friend. However, we made a booking separately. Can I stay at a guest room which is closer to my friend’s guest room? And can I have a seat with my friend when we have dinner and breakfast? 
A. Please inform us at the time of booking or right after booking. (Please provide us the confirmation number) We will make my best effort to accommodate to your request. We are afraid that if you do not inform us in advance, you might not be able to have meals in the same dining room with your friends or family.

Q. Can you serve vegetarian meal? Also can you accommodate the request on meals regarding personal food preference, allergy, religion?
A. We are sorry to say, but we do not change the menu individually. However, for your safety, please contact us about allergy information in advance.

<<About Hot Spring>>

Q. Do I have to pay for any extra charge to use hot spring?
A. Guests who are staying at Yoshiike will be charged the hot spring tax (150 JPY per person). You will be asked to make a payment at the time of check-out. Apart from the hot spring tax, you don’t have to pay for anything else.

Q. How can I use hot spring? 
A. Please check How to Enjoy Onsen page. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Q. I have a tattoo. Can I use the public hot spring bath? 
A. If your tattoo is small enough, you can cover your tattoo by seal which we provide (size 12 cm ×18 cm) and use the public bath. For more information, please take a look at hot spring page. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Q. How can I use private baths? 
A. Please check the light at the entrance of private baths. If the light is turned off, you can use the bath. We do not accept reservations for private baths. Please use them whenever those are vacant. For more details, please CHECK HERE.

About Check-out and After Check-out

Q. How can I make a payment? 
A. You can make a payment with cash or credit card. You can use credit cards below. 
VISA AMEX JCB Diners 中国銀聯

Q. If I forget my stuff at your property, can you send it to my home (Overseas)? 
A. Basically, we cannot deal with it, so please kindly do the double check before you leave the hotel.