Enjoy Our Excellent Hot Spring

The must to do at our Ryokan is soaking in hot spring. We own 6 sources of hot spring. It keeps supplying water to all baths in our property directly, and draining without circulation. Therefore, guests always can enjoy the fresh and nice hot spring water. The hot spring water is rich in sodium and calcium, so it is good for your skin and makes you warm well. Please relaxing in the hot spring bath and relieving your dairy fatigue.

Baths for Gentlemen

= Garden Open-air Bath =

Hours | 14:00 - 22:00, (Next morning) 6:00 AM - 9:45 AM

= Inside Public Bath = 

Hours | 14:00 - (Next morning) 9:45 AM

*There is no washing place at the open-air bath. Please wear Yukata or your clothes to go to the open-air bath after using the inside public bath since the open-air bath and the inside public bath is not at the same place.


= Bath in the Cave =

Hours | 14:00 - (Next morning) 9:45 AM

It is a cave bath that you can enter from the side of the public bath.
You can enjoy this bath as if you were exploring.

Baths for Ladies

= Garden Open-air Bath =

Hours | 14:00 - (Next morning) 9:45 AM

= Inside Public Bath =

Hours | 14:00 - (Next morning) 9:45 AM

= Granite Bath =

Hours | 14:00 - (Next morning) 9:45 AM

A granite bath which will make your body warm.
Have a luxurious feeling and an elegant moment.

Dear Guest - Information for guests with tattoo -

Welcome to our spa. We are glad that many guests come from all over the world and enjoy our natural hot spring and spa culture. Basically, we kindly ask guests with tattoo to refrain from using common spa and pool. However, guests with a small tattoo which can be covered by seal (size:10cm*14cm, within 2 sheets) will be able to use spa in our property.

Cover Seal (free) * Reception

We are sorry to say, but guests have big size tattoo, please use the private bath room only.
Thank you for your kind understanding the Spa-Culture in our country.

Since 16th September 2016. €€Yoshiike-Ryokan

*Please take a look at the instruction of how to enjoy Onsen for guests who will try Onsen first time.