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Sophisticated Japanese Traditional Cuisine

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  • fish

from Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay

  • vegi

Gifts From the Land
From Hakone and Ashigara

  • rice

Japanese Brand Rice
Using finely selected Japanese brand rice which goes well with dishes.

For our dishes, we are trying to local fine ingredients such as fresh seafood from Sagami / Suruga Bay and seasonal specialties of Odawara / Ashigara. We are confident that guests in all rages will satisfied with our dishes, so please enjoy Yoshiike’s boasting Japanese multi-course meal. The menu of dishes will be changed monthly. Please take a look at the example picture below.

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*An example (Japanese multi-course dinner of the month.)

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Staring Your Day with Fine Breakfast
You can start your breakfast from...
[7:30 ~, 8:00 ~, 8:30 ~]


We are terribly sorry, but we do not accommodate the request on meals regarding personal food preference, allergy, religion. However, for your safety, please contact us about allergy information in advance.

Where to Eat

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You will have meals at our dining room Houshintei, lounge Sangetsu, or your guest room. At Houshintei and Sangetsu, you can enjoy the dynamic view of beautiful Japanese garden while you are having splendid dishes. Please kindly note that we do not accept a request regarding where to have meals.